About 3 weeks ago one of my chickens, a Plymouth Rock, went broody. So, I immediately bought a dozen fertilized eggs from a farmer near Portland Oregon and stuck them under her. The eggs should hatch on Saturday June 6. I can’t wait to see how many hatch and what breeds they’ll be. It’s amazing to watch the hen on her clutch. I love the sounds she makes too. You can watch the action live by playing the following video. I’ll do my best to keep this video stream up and running but any number of other things might bring it down, like precarious extension chords, curious kids, etc.

Egg incubator

Coincidentally, my son’s kindergarten class also just hatched some chicks. They used an incubator that carefully controls humidity, temperature, and egg movement so conditions are perfect for embryo development.

Hen on a nest

It’s amazing how you don’t have to do any of that if you use a hen! Mother nature just takes care of it all! All you have to do is keep out predictors like crows, raccoons, and such.


To setup this video feed, I have a GoPro Hero8 camera in the chicken coop sending 720p video to an RTMP endpoint that I configured using AWS MediaLive. I also configured MediaLive to save my video stream on AWS MediaStore. MediaStore generates an m3u8 manifest file for the stream, which I specified in the configuration for the Javascript video player (video-js) that you see on this web page.